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Cradled by Skeletons

A Life in Poems and Essays is a raw expression of identity and place. This memoir relates Marta Miranda-Straub’s experience of trauma, resilience, and transformation.

Book cover artwork flowers and bones

In all her many languages and through these prayers and sermons masquerading,  as poems, Marta straps her wings around visions of domestic violence, the addict, and each and every broken one of us, seeing only familia in the faces of the dispossessed. 

In well crafter and big-hearted poems like Addiction, Social Justice Prayer, and How to Eat a Pomegranate, she shows us what it means to leave this place better than the way you found it, to love without restrictions, to joke about every injustice to each other in mere words alone. 

Thank the ancestors for gifting us a poet teacher who would spit in the master’s soup to save all of us. We survived a past ruled by everything straight, white, and male. Marta has left us with evidence that the future is indeed female, dark, and queer. 

Frank X Walker, Former Kentucky Poet Laureate

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