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Executive coaching

Get ready for success when Marta is in your corner. Working together, you will co-create an individualized plan for growth.

"Marta has been a trusted mentor for over five years now. She pushes me to think deeply and to challenge myself to stretch beyond what I have thought was possible. I am a better leader and a better human being for the time I have spent with Marta. I highly recommend her!”

-Mike Mays, Heine Bros. Coffee

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Executive Coaching

A coaching questionnaire is provided, and a realistic and achievable individualized plan for growth is co-created based on clients' goals. Support, skills, and resources are offered weekly or bimonthly.   


Leadership Succession Planning

Succession planning aims to ensure a smooth transition and mitigate disruption during executive leadership changes. The organization, staff, clients, and donors deserve a planned and strategic process. A plan for the organization where the exiting and incoming executive directors will guide the process for a successful transition.


Development of the Second Level of Leadership

Assistance in identifying the next level of leaders for the organization via professional development plans, mentoring, coaching, and shadowing.  


Building Agency Culture as an Executive Director

Modeling Language and Practices: Coaching and support for developing an engaged, collaborative,  healthy, and resilient organizational culture. 


Fundraising + Development with Board, Staff, Donors, and Community

Assessing current fund development strategies, developing a culture of philanthropy, and providing training and support for implementing best practices for organizational sustainability and relevance.


Team Building:

Creative design of activities and processes that build relationships, trust, and collaboration amongst all organization members.

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