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organizational development

Marta is adept at navigating through tough work and bringing organizations out on the other side stronger. With her expertise, she helps nonprofits thrive by optimizing their board performance, fostering inclusive workplaces, and building up leadership. 

"Without Catapulting Now, LLC Metro United Way would not be where it is today. Period. A few years ago, the organization made the decision to disrupt its historic way of investing in the community, with aspirations to invest in a manner that prioritizes greatest needs, addresses root causes, results in transformational outcomes, promotes equity, and supports the tenants of trust-based philanthropy. No small feat for an organization over 100 years old! Catapulting Now, LLC helped us navigate the uncomfortable waters that often come with a change of this magnitude, which also included doing the internal work necessary to truly operationalize equity and develop effective external practices and policies. With Catapulting Now, LLC’s assistance – specifically, its founder’s, Marta Miranda Straub’s, leadership – Metro United Way has been able to strengthen internal operations and transition from its historic investment model to one that is focused, gives access to organizations that historically have not benefitted from investment – including grassroots and BIPOC led, and includes strategies proven most effective in creating the greatest impact. Thank you, Marta and Catapulting Now, LLC!"

-Adria Johnson, Metro United Way

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Board Development + Training: Best Practices for Nonprofit Board Members and their Role in Fund Development. 

Assessment and training for nonprofit board members on the role and responsibilities of board service. 


Employee/Partner Intervention for Organizations: Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, and Substance Abuse

Addressing and managing workplace violence and impairment through policy and practice.


Equity and HR Audits 

The design and implementation of organizational audits, analysis, and recommendations.



Custom evaluation from the Catapult team.


Implementation Support 

Support from the Catapult team to implement plans.


Previous Strategic Plan Assessment + Directions via Interviews and Surveys

Support to review plans and develop next steps.


Sustainable Fund Development Strategy and Plan

The assessment and design of systemic and structural strategies for sustainable fund development planning. 

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