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Leading in color

Leading In Color thrives on engaging in courageous conversations and topics that unpack the systems of oppression that impact leaders at the margins of white patriarchal dominant culture.

We are passionate about naming and dismantling the barriers of implicit and explicit bias, raising consciousness, and forging new ways to think about leadership that do not replicate power over others and create transformational leadership models.



Paternalism Manifested as Sexism 

Co-hosted by Marta Miranda-Straub and Deon Stokes.


Identifying With Your Oppressor – Part 1


What does it mean to “turn your back on your culture?” Does moving up the professional ladder mean that the “oppressed” has become the oppressor?  In this episode, we unpack the impostor syndrome and take a deep dive into how we identify with our oppressors.

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Identifying With Your Oppressor – Part 2

We thought we had unpacked this conversation in Part 1, but it was just not enough- we are back with Part 2 of Identifying With Your Oppressor.  What does it mean to “turn your back on your culture?” Does moving up the professional ladder mean that the “oppressed” has become the oppressor?  In this episode, we chat with guest Briana Lathon, Esq, about being a young black professional, feeling worthy of success, and owning her own. 


White Fragility

White Fragility:/ Noun – discomfort and defensiveness on the part of a white person when confronted by information about racial inequality and injustice.

This episode is RAW – you have been warned!!!

We are not going to apologize for talking about race anymore. We have to be the change we want to see. And it starts today!

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REDLINING – Systemic Poverty, Racism and Gentrification

In the 1960s, sociologist John McKnight coined the term “redlining” to describe the discriminatory practice of fencing off areas where banks would avoid investments based on community demographics. During the heyday of redlining, the areas most frequently discriminated against were black inner-city neighborhoods.


Racial Trauma

How to deal with the traumatic stress and trauma of being a person of color in our Country. How to identify microaggression and what do to with your feelings.

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Leading in Lavender

Last month was Pride Month, and we are not finished celebrating!!! On this powerful episode of Leading in Color, we are celebrating Leading in Lavender – Queer Leadership. 

In this episode, we interview Brian Buford, Founder of the LGBT center at the University of Louisville and Activist. Leading is an act of courage, especially for those who are marginalized. Brian takes on this role with Grit & Grace. 


Latina Leadership

How To Be An Impactful Latina Leader In This America.

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From Dropout to Leader

One woman’s tail from being a high school dropout to earning an MBA to being a leader.


Live from UofL

Wikipedia states that Cultural humility is the “ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented in relation to aspects of cultural identity that are most important to the [person].” Check out this episode of Leading in Color to hear our take.

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