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"Marta is a powerful, dynamic, and engaging speaker. In her warm and uniquely-hers style, she will ensure her content is not just what the audience wants to hear, but what they need to hear." 

Carly Launius, Brown-Forman

PUBLIC Speaking

Marta travels across the country, sharing inspirational messages at conferences, training, rallies, legislative sessions, and events.

Experience the captivating presence of Marta, a true force of nature and an uplifting keynote speaker. 

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Marta weaves her poetry and stories into presentations, ensuring the audience connects to the message intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

○ Authentic Living/Leading 
○ Recovery/Discovery/Transformation
○ Empowerment vs. Helping 
○ Fundraising is a Team Sport 
○ Living in the Intersections: Gender, Gender Identities, Race, Sexualities

○ Social Justice as a Spiritual Path 
○ On Being Brown in the South 
○ You are your Ancestors' Wildest Dreams. What is in your DNA?
○ From the Ghetto to the Corner Office 
○ Cradled by Skeletons 

○ Leading in Color: Recruiting, Retaining and developing leaders of color

What message do you want to communicate at your conference?  Marta will craft her keynote to meet your needs.


Ready to be inspired?  Have Marta come speak at your next event! 

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