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Facilitation + Training

Marta is available to come to you and your staff with various facilitation and training to help move your team in the right direction. 

“When it comes to facilitating – when it comes to involving everyone in the room so the entire group is heard, respected, and engaged – there is no one like Marta Miranda.  Her big personality fills the room with warmth and passion, yet she is also a skilled listener to ensure the quiet voices are heard.  Your organization would be lucky to work with her, and I can recommend her without qualification.”

-Neville Blakemore

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Addictions, Recovery, and Relapse Prevention for Organizations 

The phases of addictions and the impact on the individual, the family, and the workplace, along with the opportunities for employer intervention and recovery. 


Conflict Management/Resolution and Courageous Conversations 

The values and skills needed to engage in successful management and resolution of interpersonal conflict in the workplace


Creating a Safe and Healthy Organizational Culture and Climate 

Examining key pillars of healthy and resilient organizational development and functioning. Establishing strategies for integrating engagement and creative problem-solving with formal and informal leaders and staff. 


Creative and Critical Problem-Solving for Teams

Establishing strategies for integrating engagement and creative problem-solving with formal and informal leaders and staff. 


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging Training

Dismantling institutionalized inequity and developing organizational systems and practices for creating a workplace where everyone thrives.


Implicit Bias/Cultural Sensitivity and Humility

Exportation of bias and the skill sets needed to practice cultural humility to create respectful and collaborative relationships with members of diverse groups. 


Intentional Living/Intentional Leading: Enhancing Executive Leadership 

A thoughtful and engaging conversation on the benefits and practices of intentionality and the daily practices that promote awareness and development of conscious actions.  


Mitigating Trauma: Prevention, Identification, and Intervention of Professional Impairment

Design and implement organizational responses and resources for managing trauma in the workplace.


Navigating the New World of Work: Coaching vs. Management 

A rethinking of the traditional workplace paradigm and its standard practices as a result of the Me Too Movement, Black Lives Matter, and COVID-19.


Psychological Safety 

Training on the key tenants of creating a safe, open, and vibrant workplace. 


Recruiting, Retaining, and Developing Leaders of Color

The fundamental shifts and systemic changes that create and maintain an equitable and inclusive culture of belonging.


Resilience Training for Trauma Workers and Organizations

Harnessing the value of resilience to mitigate the impact of working with traumatized clients. 


Trauma Informed Care 

Training on the language and practices of the TRC model. 


Workplace Wellness: Intentional Individual Team and Organizational Self-care

A comprehensive and multidimensional approach to creating workplace engines of wellness. 

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