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Strategic Planning

In addition to creating your strategic plan, Marta and the team offer support for the implementation and evaluation process to “keep the plan alive.” Sadly enough, 80% of plans die at implementation. 

"Marta is a dynamic leader who synthesizes wisdom from her years of professional experience to work with nonprofits to build organizational capacity and to increase the impact they are able to have for the communities they serve. I first met Marta in 2019 at a conference where she was one of our presenters, and I immediately knew that we needed to ask her to guide my nonprofit through strategic planning. I am so happy I did. The passion and energy she brings to her work is captivating, and both her professional and personal experience have been invaluable. She navigated our organization through a difficult transitional period. We would not have been able to do that without her and her team. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

-Jonathan Cook, Solano Pride Center


Strategic Planning

Catapult Now Associates assist organizations in assessing their needs, reviewing their mission, vision, values, and pillars, and creating their goals for the next level of development success.

We thoroughly review previous strategic plans and their success and challenges and conduct key informant interviews, focus groups, and surveys with leadership, board members, staff, donors, and community partners. The results are analyzed, and recommendations are made to inform goal development. 

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