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Executive Coaching

Marta is passionate about growing people.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: A coaching questionnaire is provided, and a realistic and achievable individualized plan for growth is co-created based on clients' goals. Support, skills, and resources are offered weekly or bimonthly.

Leadership Succession Planning: Succession planning aims to ensure a smooth transition and mitigate disruption during executive leadership changes. The organization, staff, clients, and donors deserve a planned and strategic process. A  plan for the organization, the exiting executive director, and the incoming executive director will guide the process for a successful transition.

Development of the Second Level of Leadership: Assistance in identifying the next level of leaders for the organization via professional development plans, mentoring, coaching, and shadowing.

Role of executive director in Building the Agency's Culture: Modeling Language and Practices: Coaching and support for developing an engaged, collaborative,  healthy, and resilient organizational culture.

Role of executive director in Fund Raising + Development with Board, Staff, Donors, and Community:

  • Assessing current fund development strategies.

  • Developing a culture of philanthropy.

  • Providing training and support for implementing best practices for organizational sustainability and relevance.

Team Building: Creative design of activities and processes that build relationships, trust, and collaboration amongst all organization members.

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